Springfield iPhone Repair (Return Policy)

Springfield iPhone Repair is Missouri's top iPhone Repair Center, and Southwest Missouri's only certified iPhone Repair facility using certified technicians. We strive to keep our prices competitive in the professional market while maintaining a high level of quality and service. For any part replaced on any device, there is NO return policy once the device is received by you the client. If you would like us to troubleshoot the device to confirm whcih part you need replaced we do so free of charge, however if you come in for a repair and request (or order online requesting) a particular part replaced we will do so at your request. While there may be warranty excahnge that is available, we do not accept returns on any parts. Additionally there is no returns on any accessories such as Wall docks, cases, cables and other such non-repair related sales.

For more details, contact us at 417-268-5211 about your individual situation.

Each of our techs undergo significant training and testing to keep our skills at the highest level possible. We promise we have the lowest price, and will price match any competitor price that is Apple Certified and uses original Apple Parts.

Common iPhone and iPod Touch Repairs

iPhone 3G - Parts & Repair
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3G Glass Digitizer - Parts & Repair
iPhone 3G Glass Digitizer
iPhone 3G Battery - Parts & Repair
iPhone 3G Battery
iPhone 3GS - Parts & Repair
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 3GS Glass Digitizer - Parts & Repair
iPhone 3GS Glass Digitizer
iPhone 3GS LCD Display - Parts & Repair
iPhone 3GS LCD Display
iPhone 3GS Battery - Parts & Repair
iPhone 3GS Battery
iPhone 4 - Parts & Repair
iPhone 4
iPhone 4 - Parts & Repair
iPhone 4
iPhone 4 - Parts & Repair
iPhone 4
2nd Gen iPod Touch Glass Digitizer - Parts & Repair
2nd Gen iPod Touch Glass Digitizer
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