We do videography for corporate branding and internal use (such as training videos) various companies locally and nationally. We have the ability to do High Definition video for just about any project. Below are some examples of recent projects for various organizations.

Commercial Packages

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» Customer Informational Videos
» Employee Training
» Insurance Archiving
» Creative Video Branding

Video Services

» Video Conversion (VHS, DVD, iPod, and more)
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Corporate Advertising

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The Planet Coral : We Rock the Seas!

Allied Roofing Systems

Blu Frog Energy

Allied Roofing Systems

Moda Salon and Spa

Weaver Law

Kristi Capel : Daddy Video

Corporate Advertising is becoming the #1 form of advertising across the nation... from digital billboards to network broadcasting, theatre advertisments to online distribution. Now more than ever the digital world has effected the videography industry by implementing higher standards and introducing better codecs and solutions. Interactivity enhancements have now made the digital world a finger push or button press from becoming reality or provide live feedback. We have contracts with other local advertisers to put up a variety of media across a few different types of digital and analog advertising. Whether you want to start small with 15-30 Second basic advertisements or 30-60 second Deluxe Advertisements we can customize a package for you.

For those not looking for advertising services, you may find our "Commercial Packages" to be suitable for many of your corporate needs. As with all services, we are not limited to the styles and varieties listed here. Many of our web clients that sell products have utilized our product showcasing to feature their new site, product, or service and advertise across the web in video advertising on Google, Pandora, and even YouTube. A few larger corporations in the area have asked us to make customer informational videos, from videos on how to put furniture together, to how to take care of their product(s), to videos training clients on new services and what to expect. Additionally, we provide services for intraCorporate video needs such as informational or training videos. For those trying to push their either new or rebranded company into the competitive world, we suggest a variety of styles of creative video branding to push your brand, logo, name, service or product. These services are not always limited solely to video services, but integrate into web, graphic and advertising services. To find out more, schedule an appointment with on of our personnel today!

Outside of video production, we also provide other video services to convert, compress, and implement your existing media in a new way. These services are not just limited to corporate projects, but also to the general consumer who might have home movies they need converted to DVD format or just simply saved to disk. We transfer all types of photos, audio, or video (except for copyrighted materials) to digital formats quickly and professionally! Bulk rates are available, contact us about your needs. We can handle MPEG, MPEG II, MPEG IV, DVD, VCD, VHS-C, BETA, DV, mini-DV, Hi-8, 8mm, Digital 8, Super 8mm Film, 8mm Film, 16mm film, AVI, iPod, streaming, flash) and more!

We also provide slideshow services in a variety of different formats. While pricing depends on what you have and what you need, we consistently surprise clients with how our slideshows turn out. These aren't your standard slideshows... many years of experience and talent go into quickly making your photos into a montage of video and audio! Good for weddings, anniversaries, christmas, birthdays and just for good fun! Our pricing is reasonable starting around $50 and up.