We do web design and authoring for various companies locally and nationally. Our main focus is design, as in coming up with the looks and feel of the site, and then passing that on to a developer in-house or with another firm. Pricing varies, and depends highly on what you have, what you want, and what you need.

Bella Rose Weddings and Events

Brian Properties | Student Rentals Properties in Springfield & Nixa MO

Ennis Appliance & Satellite

JCL Commercial Cleaning

Phoenix Dev App Developement

Spradling Custom Homes | Springfield & Nixa, MO

Lombard Assembly of God | Lombard Illinois

Hebrew for Reading Comprehension

Signature Nurses - Western Kansas and Nebraska's #1 Resource for certified Nurses

Premium Packages

» Web Stores
» Custom Dynamic Flash Sites
» Multiple Database Sites
» PHP+CSS Based Website

Standard Packages

» Standard Business Sites
» Dynamic/Customizable Sites
» Single-Database Sites
» PHP, ActionScript 2.0-3.0

Basic Packages

» 'Billboard' Site
» Personal Website
» HTML+CSS Based Website

Unless otherwise specified all websites are generated as new content. All copyrighted content is used by permission of the owner/designer through purchase or direct permission(s). Templates and images are owned by the respective designer/photographer and rights have been released to Griffin Media Concepts or the Client, unless watermarks are retained in which case the image/item is being used as a placeholder until proper permissions are recieved or final content is designed.