Discover World Cuisine

  • Site Design
  • Sub-Page Design (city dependent)
  • Admin section for data management
  • PHP Contact Forms
  • (2) MySql Databases
  • (3) Custom Javascript APIs, (1) Custom PHP API
Discover World Cuisine Designed for On The Verge of Springfield, MO
Current site development is underway for the show Discover World Cuisine, a new show about finding unique cuisine, art, entertainment and culture in the midwest. The show is to cover 8 cities, as well as host live events open to the public. The site is a fluid site and updates are posted almost every day. This site involves a large portion of dynamic content, changing for the city that the person is accessing the site for. At this time there is dynamic XML flash elements and dynamic php content loading with a few javascript APIs. Administrator priveledges are built in with limited access.

Discover World Cuisine - Cuisine, Art, Culture & Entertainment across the Midwest